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This is the reality the automotive industry is waking up to today. It is our mission to design and co-create products and services, empowering you to make the transformation to sustainable mobility.


What We Do

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, dedicated and out-staff teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform. With over one decades of commercial software product engineering expertise and more than 8 years of globally distributed agile delivery, we focus on designing and building repeatable models to deliver your innovations to market using our best ideas and tools.

Digital Consulting

We help you transform your business to become digital by disrupting the status quo. We guide you through all steps of the process – from innovation and design to global project delivery, to applying and bridging the gap between automotive services business problems.

Products Integration and Deployment

Deploy a range of customized suites and platforms developed for industry, including monitoring, data visualization, performance analysis and customer engagement.

Digital Engineering

Our delivery teams provide innovation by pairing digital proficiency with deep domain knowledge in for smarter, safer vehicles, and holistic, stunning user experiences.We bind collaborative processes with a robust digital toolset, and combine on-site business.

Custom SD and Maintenance

Develop and deploy an impressive range of cutting-edge, industry-specific customer service and software solutions.

  • Navigation
  • Software Integration
  • Software Platforms

Digital Transformation

Improve user control and efficiency by integrating your digital systems into one single place.
- Convert from traditional to platform-agnostic servers
- Hybrid architectures to protect sensitive data
- Meet strict industry regulations

Platform Solutions

Implementing, maintaining and upgrading complex vendor platform architectures. We are a world-leading specialist in automotive technology solutions, offering the best in consultative, delivery and maintenance skills. We are a trusted vendor partner for the foremost risk and trading suites.

Our Services

Personalized digital lifestyles have become increasingly important for consumers. Our world-class Digital Cockpit experts harness the technology you need for smarter, safer vehicles, and holistic, stunning user experiences. We combine deep understanding of all software layers with a team of remarkable user experience talent, to develop the digital cockpit of tomorrow’s vehicles with our customers. Our powerful, cross-skilled team brings product developments and UX enhancements to market, quicker:

  • Concept Engineering
  • User Experience Design
  • HMI Development
  • Navigation
  • Software Integration
  • Software Platforms
  • Other Digital Cockpit Solutions

Using these functions will make it easy and convenient to drive a car

  • From driver assistance to full automation – we know the roadю In the age of automated driving, we meet your current and future software needs.
  • Software Development for Sensor ECUs. Creating production software from client-specific functions for lidar, radar, camera and ultrasound sensors; we achieve outstanding quality and safety, by applying automotive standards including AUTOSAR classic, Ethernet, ASPICE and ISO 26262 for software implementation, integration and testing.
  • Software Platforms for the Vehicle ‘Brain’.Empowering automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and semiconductor vendors to rapidly develop central software platforms for integrating and updating functions.
  • Creating a ‘Smarter Driver’.Deploying our technology and expertise in computer vision and AI for sensing, perception, and trajectory planning.
  • Teleoperated Driving.Enabling vehicles to be remotely operated via smart technology.

It is very important to have mobility that will allow you to successfully use all      solutions connected to cars.

  • Online, integrated, safe and self-updating vehicles. Vehicles are becoming more connected than ever before.
  • Connected Solutions.Enabling mobility service platforms with a sustainable cloud foundation, application development and service migration.
  • Personalized Smart Mobility Services. Extending the mobility experience with smart, AI-powered natural speech services and personal home assistants.
  • Advanced Diagnostics.Raising the quality of the in-car experience for drivers, passengers, and fleet managers to new heights.
  • Cyber Security. We enable you to provide connected mobility capabilities within a secure digital ecosystem.
  • Telematics and Edge Computing. With a telematics system infrastructure and cutting-edge IoT technology, we support remote servicing, SOTA, vehicle positioning, emergency services and secure V2X communication.

Silicon solutions are designed to make the system easier and easier to use

  • Build the best ecosystem for your mobility solutions. As a software company that deeply understands the automotive industry.
  • Next-Generation Silicon. Our next-generation engagement models use silicon tech to enhance the customer experience. We connect integrated circuits to tangible benefits, such as faster graphics, smarter AI, and better energy efficiency.
  • Cross-vertical Software Platforms. These invisible engines drive innovation, bridging silicon into a seamless connected experience. Our automotive software blueprints provide you with a unique canvas for the future of autonomous mobility.
  • Immersive Mobility Services. Display your brand with every interaction and across all channels. We enable connected customers, empowering you to support the entire customer journey.

To fully understand the product and avoid malfunctions, two types of testing are required.

  • Quality Testing

To comply with international automotive standards and requirements to quality and security, we conduct software testing of implemented infotainment, connectivity, telematics systems and complex navigation features. Running tests in real-world conditions both on the tracks and in the car, we can help identify errors and defects, check durability, compatibility, and efficiency of the new systems. All this ensures stability, excellent performance, absence of memory leaks, continuous integration and functioning of all the components.

  • Penetration Testing

New technologies raise many security concerns and make vehicles vulnerable to various external threats like network attacks, backend attacks, insecure data storage, etc. 

Penetration testing  is one of the proven ways to analyze potential risks and apply countermeasures. We utilize trusted risk rating methodologies and standards to cover different areas of pen testing.


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