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D. TRADING trades in energy products: electricity, gas, gas condensate, coal. Builds customer-oriented business with a focus on the security of supply and high-quality services. D. TRADING company has expertise in all areas and business segments of the energy sector: electricity, natural gas, gas condensate, coal. The company has a well-established system of business processes and document management, which reduces the time spent by our customers and minimizes the risk of errors.


Customer-oriented business focused on reliable supply and provision of quality services within the country and near abroad


Sells natural gas of both Ukrainian production and imported resources.


The company sells the resource of production of Pavlograd and Dobropil mine managements, and also carries out trading of other resource of all brands.

Project Description

The company provided complete centralized management of the methodology that the company needed and automated the consolidation, update, and validation of data. With the help of the platform, IPLAT has implemented a complete and continuous flow of information in real-time. As a result, a flexible IT infrastructure was provided that allowed use even in the event of changing business needs.


The company hasn't any single working environment for software systems, there are no qualitative attributes of the system (security, fault tolerance, availability, etc.). It's lack of a single data warehouse, which violates the integrity and correctness of the information, lack of integration of basic IT components, which leads to a large amount of work associated with the manual input and verification of information.


We decided to do some steps that help to decide their problem: 1)CENTRAL CORE TRADING SOFT - a single provider of correct information for all components, services, and software products; 2)DATA ETL (Extract / Transform / Load) - the process of processing received data in the Warehouse. Algorithms allowing to transform, verify, load, and retrieve the correct data to/from the Storage; 3)IPLAT - An integration platform that provides a continuous, holistic, and uninterrupted flow of information in real time according to an agreed schedule.


Our company prepares IT Enterprise Architecture for the fully digitalise all business processes of the trading company. We develop fully integration model by making integration between all ITE components like SALES FORCE, ENDUR, PERSONAL CABINET, SAP S4 / HANA (1C till 2023), BI SOLUTION (Sisense, Tableau, Power BI), Plexos, Matlab, Agnostic which combined in the single IT Architecture.


As a result, the company got: 1) Implementation of all planned software products (SAP S / 4HANA, ENDUR, Sales Force, Personal Cabinet, Micro-services, etc.) will fully digitize all business processes of the company; 2) Full provision of centralized management, compliance with accounting policies and internal control systems of the enterprise using processes implemented in software systems; 3) Centralization and management of methodologies used by company divisions (the exclusion of private algorithms based on Microsoft Excel in the work of divisions providing the ability to quickly replace personnel); 4) The process of updating, consolidating, verifying data is automated, manual data entry is maximally excluded, quality control of data entered into optimization models; 5) Business Intelligence analytics and reporting in real time, improving the quality of managerial decision making; 6) Flexibility and ability to change IT infrastructure and its components when changing business needs;

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