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The Gotransverse intelligent billing platform is a leading cloud based billing and monetization platform that enables one time, recurring or any combination of usage based billing.Deliver product monetization at speed and with certainty, freeing you to develop and sell your products the way you want.Gotransverse integrates with your existing applications to help you meet the individual pricing and personalized billing needs of your customer base in real time.

Revenue Management

Integrates with your CRM, ERP, and other applications to help you oversee the full quote-to-cash process.

Sales Accounting

A unified view of all of your customer accounts and activities that makes it easy to dissect the complexity of your services.  It’s customer service answering a question about a bill, sales needing usage details for a renewals, or the accounting department analyzing what products are being sold, Gotransverse organizes all of your customer accounts into a single application.


 Bill when you want, automate detailed fee and overage calculations, utilize intricate corporate and account hierarchy structures, better understand key business metrics, and more.

Project Description

We participate in development implementation of billing platform for new clients and support for existed clients, participation in pre-sales demo presentation and final delivery of developed features, build up automatic accounting flow for billing, invoicing, revenue recognition, payments-IFRS, implement analytical dashboards and reports (finance, managerial, analytics and integrational)


There is a need to manage accounts all the time.The company needed to develop automatic accounting records Difficulty in setting and controlling the cost calculation. The need to log customer records together. Need an intelligent billing solution for flexible, dynamic pricing and complex billing needs.


Developing an application that can manage your bookkeeping journal entries for General Ledger. And manager invoicing, billing, revenue recognition..A unified view of all of customer accounts and activities that makes it easy to dissect the complexity of services. Billing merges rated events, calculates relevant subscription fees and charges for unlimited invoice line items at internet speeds and enables to batch run bill cycle daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or on demand as needed.


SimpleXoft took a part in creating a single counting system in which you can simultaneously manage and integrate with CRM, ERP systems. SimpleXoft created an intelligent billing solution for flexible, dynamic pricing, and complex billing needs. SimpleXoft developed a Gotransverse Revenue Management provides a configurable, rules-based, accounts receivable sub-ledger, designed for complex upstream activity


Gotransverse Billing & Invoicing integrates with your CRM, ERP. Thus, when using this system, you can manage all phases of the costing process before payment. Use several payment processing options including automatic and manual, recurring, pay-as-you-go and one-time payments. Using revenue management, can post and recognize revenue in one or more AR subledgers on limitless monetization models and get meaningful, accurate information for high volumes of transactions

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