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The company works with farmers, providing loans for business development. The company has a platform through which a farmer can obtain financing from investors. The system collects most of the information about the company automatically from open sources and saves the farmer time preparing documents. Thanks to the information gathered financial partners issue a preliminary decision on the terms and limit of a possible loan from a few hours to two days. The platform does not take money from the farmer, but receives its remuneration from the financial partner, as it saves the cost of checking customers and reduces the number of unreliable borrowers.

Ajax single page application

With AJAX, there is no need to refresh the entire page every time, as only a specific part of it is updated. The company uses this technology because the business logic is built specifically for the processes that Ajax allows you to use. This is very convenient when making payments in the application.

Risk managing scoring

The company is engaged in identifying the risks associated with the use and production of the product. Risk prioritization is also used. Verification involves mitigating risks to reduce their likelihood or impact. Ensuring constant monitoring is carried out.   

Crypto payment processing

It is a mobile payment system based on Blockchain technology, in which the user does not need to use a bank card and can pay conveniently and profitably using only a mobile phone. Thanks to this system, the company provides high performance of transactions in payment systems.

Project Description

The ultimate goal of Paydayuk is to provide a simple single environment for potential borrowers on the B2C market where Users can fill in online all minimum required information and get the possible amount for borrowing. This Web Environment should be smart, effective, easy, quick, and accountable for all parties together with continuous receiving analytics for all related parties to improve the decision-making process.We did what these business needs, and targets are and how to archive them.



The company has a website where payments are made, people can take out short-term and long-term loans. They needed to integrate the payment system, build an interactive user interface of the web application. In order for the user to enter the site by clicking on any element, the system generates a request and sends it to the server, which generates and reloads the next page.


In order to satisfy the client's requests, it was decided to adjust content and color style to align stakeholders' requirements; develop new business flow for the payment process. Web platform should be integrated with PlasmaPay for payment procced system and credit check logic.


This web-application created with one repository and functions as a single web suite with several web pages. For the development, there were chosen Amazon Web Services with 2 separate environments. We provided: 1. Color changes – CSS format files will be modified in the pages listed in the Business Requirements. 2. Text Changes – HMTL files will be modified in line with the list of text changes. 3. Implementing Business Flow.


We did everything in 1-week development. All bugs reported by customers should be reproduced on the UAT environment to be accepted by the delivery team. Our company has digitalized the process and improved the work of the service.

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