Digital Transformation Services and Solutions for the Retail & Logistic

Our future-forward technologies help you identify and react to customer activity with powerful personalizations, and serve consumers using effective, efficient supply chain management and logistics.


What We Do

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, dedicated and out-staff teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform. With over one decades of commercial software product engineering expertise and more than 8 years of globally distributed agile delivery, we focus on designing and building repeatable models to deliver your innovations to market using our best ideas and tools.

Digital Consulting

We help you transform your business to become digital by disrupting the status quo. We guide you through all steps of the process – from innovation and design to global project delivery, to applying and bridging the gap between retail services business problems and innovative technologies.

Products Integration and Deployment

Deploy a range of customized suites and platforms developed for industry, including monitoring, data visualization, performance analysis and customer engagement.

Digital Engineering

Our delivery teams provide innovation by pairing digital proficiency with deep domain knowledge in E-commerce systems, online merchandising. We bind collaborative processes with a robust digital toolset, and combine our on-site business and domain consultancy capabilities.

Custom SD and Maintenance

Develop and deploy an impressive range of cutting-edge, industry-specific customer service and software solutions.
- Innovative low-cost sensors solutions
- Business intelligence and reporting
- Sales and marketing systems

Digital Transformation

Improve user control and efficiency by integrating your digital systems into one single place.
- Convert from traditional to platform-agnostic servers
- Meet strict industry regulations
- Hybrid architectures to protect data

Platform Solutions

Implementing, maintaining and upgrading complex vendor platform architectures. We are a world-leading specialist in retail technology solutions, offering the best in consultative, delivery and maintenance skills. We are a trusted vendor partner for the foremost risk and trading suites.

Our Services

Applying various software developments and using a professional approach

  • Agile development and implementation of operations software
  • Technical support services
  • Cloud-based cognitive services
  • Connected systems via platforms
  • Automated data management systems
  • Point-of-sale integration
  • Mobile applications
  • Data warehousing and migration
  • Enterprise system modernization
  • Robotics

  • Innovative low-cost sensors solutions
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Sales and marketing systems
  • Customer service management
  • Conveyor sorting systems
  • Factory outbound logistics
  • Blockchain for logistics
  • Predictive demand modeling

Establish centralized, transparent supply chain management with our proven solutions. We offer end-to-end order management, performance analysis and risk management data visualization.

  • Workforce management and performance monitoring
  • Reverse logistics (defective material management and return)

 Seamlessly connect physical and online channels for more engaging, cohesive and higher-converting shopping experiences with enhanced e-commerce systems and integrations.

  • E-commerce systems
  • Online merchandising
  • Clickstream analytics
  • Voice of the customer
  • Promotional push notifications
  • Digital merchandising

Empower your bricks-and-mortar stores to compete with online retail, using hardware and software developments to drive omnichannel personalization. Our technologies enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and your retail space, from dwelling time and path to purchase to best product shelf placement.

  • Contextual marketing solutions
  • Facial recognition and object recognition
  • Computer vision – heat mapping, connected shelf
  • Proximity intelligence and marketing (Smart Spaces)
  • Digital signage
  • Store health/traffic monitoring and reporting
  • Experience performance
  • Customized in-store displays
  • Interactive demo suites

Reduce business risks, increase customer confidence, and ensure control over privacy and compliance. Protect your data and business continuity with the all-round application and infrastructure cybersecurity, or cover your specific needs with a stand-alone service.

  • IT Infrastructure Security & Business Continuity: comprehensive scope of operations to prevent data losses and security threats.
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle: implement additional layers of security into your financial systems and apps from the very start of development processes.
  • Penetration Testing and Security Assessment: helping manage vulnerabilities and protect your business from operational risks.


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SimpleXoft is a Software Development and IT Consulting company with more than 4 years of experience in the market. We are 35+ people, distributed in our development centers in Ukraine: Kyiv (headquarter) and Sumy. We work for large international corporations throughout the EU and US in projects that demand leading-edge software development skills. We have been providing outsourced offshore services since 2017.




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