Our Cooperation Model


Our Cooperation Model

MODEL DESCRIPTIONThe simplest form of software development outsourcing where emloyees of outsourcing provider extend in-house team capacity while other project aspects remain on the customer's side (such as project management, techical leadership, quality control)More advanced engagement model compared to outstaffing with product requiremens being driven by customer where development team is being managed by software vendorA time bound engagement model effective for scoped requirements that are not likely to change during the development process.
ENGAGEMENT SCOPEFlexible product backlog managed by customerFlexible product backlog managed by software vendor with regular approvals received from customerAgreed scope of work with detailed description of acceptance criteria allowing to provide estimate on per feature basis.
PRICING MODELSCustomer is paying for agreed monthly allocation of developer's hours.Customer is paying for agreed monthly allocation of developer's hours. In addition, customer is paying for supporting resource (i.e. project manger, QC) per agreed time allocationFixed price per certain agreed scope of work (project milestone)
ENGAGEMENT LENGTH3 months+3 months+Depends on project scope
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONRequires high customer's involvement to supervise developerQuite big number of project management tasks covered by software vendor (sprint planning, daily stand ups, sprint grooming, product demo, user stories documentation etc.). As result customer participate in relase planning and gets regular updates regarding team performance.Entire product lifecycle can be outsourced to a strategic partner including idediation, design, implementation, further product evolution and support.

Key Contract Models

The versatility of our engagements allows us to be flexible in terms of contract models as well. Our clients may choose from four basic contract models depending on the nature of the project and their preferences: Time & Material, Fixed Price, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Salary-based, or a mixture of these models.
Time & Material
  A team is made available to you to implement a project. You can pick and build your own team with Infopulse – we’ll provide you with skilled engineers and certified experts according to your specifications. The team can be flexibly modified to suite your needs.
Best for: long-term projects, software publishers, or to build an extension of your own teams.
 and your personal account manager will be glad to show you how global sourcing in general and SimpleXoft, in particular, can fit the changing requirements of your business.

Quality and safety management is our top priority

Outstanding Quality and Robust Security – our Top Priority

SimpleXoft has accumulated considerable experience in the implementation of its Quality & Security Management Model. It ensures that all of the requested features of a product or a service are focused and respectively controlled with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Our model encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to delivery and support, and therefore it ensures superior service and reliability.
The Advantages of Infopulse Quality & Security Management Model:
  • Mature: best practices implemented
  • Flexible: fast adaptation to specific customer requirements and control methods
  • Secure: insurance of data security and compliance with the regulations
  • Reliable: a unified system for all processes with full-fledged controls

Quality Management

SimpleXoft`s aim is to increase customer satisfaction by maintaining an effective Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring that management, technical and production personnel is fully conversant with the Company’s objectives.

Security Management

Security Management a holistic management system, which assists in achieving business goals and protecting corporate reputation.

Env Management

SimpleXoft committed to the principles of sustainability and socially responsible operations, in which protection of the environment is a key component. These principles are reflected in the way we conduct our business.

Our Policies

Quality Management Standards
  • SimpleXoft`s aim is to increase customer satisfaction by maintaining an effective Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring that management, technical and production personnel are fully conversant with the Company’s objectives. Our quality objectives are to furnish high-quality products and services on time and at a competitive price level. Achievement of these goals involves all employees, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work.
  • QMS provides the required level of attention and control that must be given to all features of a product or service to ensure full customer satisfaction, starting with the requirements for a product or a service all way up to the project delivery, with the added benefits of improved service and reliability.
  • SimpleXoft team is rich in experienced, creative, and enthusiastic professionals, committed to effectively developing, implementing, and maintaining a flexible, high-performance QMS as a Business Management System, while covering all working practices in our company by accepting and implementing all proven standards and relevant best practices.

Our standards and polices are confirmed by our clients

Our clients are well known brands listed there but the majority of our projects are under NDA


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SimpleXoft is a Software Development and IT Consulting company with more than 4 years of experience in the market. We are 35+ people, distributed in our development centers in Ukraine: Kyiv (headquarter) and Sumy. We work for large international corporations throughout the EU and US in projects that demand leading-edge software development skills. We have been providing outsourced offshore services since 2017.




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